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All Within My Hands Foundation is dedicated to creating sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger, and other critical local services.

In February of 2017, we announced the formation of All Within My Hands. The Foundation aims to assist and enrich the lives of members of the communities who have supported the band for years, as well as encourage participation from fans and friends. All funds raised will be donated to a cross-section of national and local charities... every penny from your donations will go directly to our charity partners.

“I am grateful to be in a group that cares for all. Although sometimes I feel hopelessness, with the powerful love, gratitude and hope of the Metallica family, I strive to be a part of the solution.”

-James Hetfield

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Metallica Gives Back

From global causes to local ones, we’ve always taken pride in giving back to the community. We’ve played concerts and festivals such as The Bridge School Benefit Concerts, Live Earth and Global Citizen, donated proceeds from ticket sales and album releases to various charitable organizations including Fondation de France’s Give For France and Gilda’s Club NYC, and met with many Make-A-Wish participants. Long time advocates of local food banks, we give back at every tour stop in North America and Europe, and in the Fall of 2016 celebrated the release of our current album with a series of five shows, donating proceeds from all ticket sales to food banks in New York City, London, Toronto, Los Angeles and Oakland.

All Within My Hands is taking things to the next level. While the band will continue to support many causes through benefit concerts (for example, the recent Band Together Bay Area Concert to support Napa, Sonoma, and the surrounding counties after the Northern California wildfires), AWMH is intended to have an even greater impact through a sustained and focused philanthropic commitment and hopes to inspire others to join us in making the world a better place through local community support.

"To me, the core mission statement of Metallica is to connect people together. There’s no better way to do that than to share in the good will and give back.”

-Lars Ulrich

The Foundation Board


Metallica formed in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield and has become one of the most influential and commercially successful rock bands in history, having sold 110 million albums worldwide while playing to millions of fans on literally all seven continents. They have scored several multi-platinum albums, including 1991's Metallica (commonly referred to as The Black Album), with sales of nearly 17 million copies in the United States alone, making it the best-selling album in the history of Soundscan.

Metallica has also garnered numerous awards and accolades, including nine Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, multiple MTV Video Music Awards, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in 2009. Metallica's latest album, Self-Destruct, was released on November 18, 2016 on Metallica's own Blackened Recordings record label and debuted at No. 1 around the world, selling over 800,000 copies worldwide in its first week. The band recently wrapped up the US leg of their tour and are currently doing shows across Europe.

All four members of Metallica, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo, are members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Edward (Ed) H. Frank

Dr. Edward (Ed) H. Frank serves as AWHM’s Executive Director (pro bono). Ed’s career in the…

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Tony Dicioccio

Tony DiCioccio has been a part of the Metallica family for longer than he’d care to…

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Marc Reiter

Marc Reiter has worked closely with Metallica for a quarter century, the last year at the…

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Eric Wasserman

Eric C. Wasserman is the Managing Partner and co-founder of the Los Angeles-based…

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Vickie Strate

Vickie Strate has worked exclusively for Metallica for over 17 years based at the band’s…

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“This is our chance to complete the cycle of giving and receiving and then giving back where we can make a difference.”

-Kirk Hammett


Who supports the Foundation?

The Foundation is supported by donations from all the members of the band, as well as the Foundation’s Board of Directors, fans, and others.

Who manages the Foundation?

The Foundation is managed by a small group of volunteers, several of whom have worked with the band for many years. Oversight of the Foundation is provided by its Board of Directors, which includes all four members of the band (James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert), Tony DiCioccio, Edward Frank (Exec Director), Marc Reiter, Vickie Strate, and Eric Wasserman.

All members of the AWMH Board have made donations to the Foundation in 2017. Furthermore, none of the volunteers or members of the Board receive any compensation or expense reimbursement from the Foundation.

Why should I give to AWMH?

As with all non-profits, you should give if the organization’s mission and objectives align with your own. In the case of AWMH our hope is that our focus on supporting communities through education, food, and other services resonates with you, the Metallica family, and others. Furthermore, 100% of the money you give to AWMH goes to the organizations we support. Not a penny from your donation is used to pay for Foundation expenses. The Foundation’s expenses are paid for by the band and the Board of Directors.

That being said, as the goal of AWMH is assisting communities around the world, should there be an organization we support (or one we don’t!) that appeals to you, if you prefer, please give to them directly. To that end, anytime we tell you about an organization AWMH has given a grant to, we include a link to that organization in order to make it easy for you to give directly should you prefer. At minimum, our desire is that you benefit from the research we’ve done in order to support organizations that are high-quality and high-integrity.

What organizations are currently being supported by the Foundation?

In 2017, AWMH expects to give grants to, at least, the following organizations:

  • The Houston Food Bank ( – In direct support of victims of Hurricane Harvey.
  • Direct Relief ( – Medical aid to the victims of the Mexico City earthquake.
  • Feeding America ( – Continuing the band’s long tradition of providing food to those in need, especially during the holidays.
  • The Mission Continues ( – Supporting those who protect and defend the United States.
  • Tipping Point Community (– In direct support of the victims of the fires in Napa, Sonoma, and surrounding counties in California. Tipping Point was also supported through a benefit concert at AT&T Park in San Francisco, where Metallica played Band Together Bay Area (

When we make grants to the organizations above, we stipulate that 100% of the money be used to directly aid and assist people, and not be used to cover the expenses of the organization.

Over time we will add to this list, particularly as we develop our plans in the area of education.

How do I donate?

You can donate by going here and use your credit card or Paypal account. If you would like to do a wire transfer or have other questions in regard to donating to AWMH, please contact us at

How much of my donation goes to AWMH Foundation expenses?

Zero. Nada. Nothing. Every penny of your donation goes to the organizations the Foundation supports. The Foundation’s expenses, which are very low to begin with, are all paid for by the band and the other members of its Board of Directors.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Probably. The All Within My Hands Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our TIN is 81-4258668. Since taxes can be complicated, and we ain’t experts, please contact your own tax-professional to ascertain the deductibility of your donation in your own unique tax situation.

Is All Within My Hands rated by one of the non-profit rating sites such as Charity Navigator?

Not yet. It is certainly our goal to be a top-rated non-profit, but as we’ve just started, we’ve not yet closed out our first year of operation, and thus not filed our first IRS 990 form. When we do (around May, 2018), we will make it available on our website (

Does AWMH accept proposals from third parties for grants?

The Foundation does not accept third party proposals for grants. The reason, very simply, is that we do not have the staff required to process, research, and respond to such proposals. Instead, we are focused on supporting a relatively modest number of organizations, which we have researched, to fulfill the goals of the Foundation.

What else is the Foundation doing?

As we are just getting going, at present we are focused on finding organizations that we can support that align with our mission. Longer term our hope is to also become a means to encourage and facilitate volunteerism among the Metallica family in our communities around the world.

Is the Foundation only supporting US Communities?

No. The goal of the foundation is to support communities around the world. Initially we will do that by partnering with other US-registered non-profits that have the experience to deliver aid around the world. An example of such a partnership is our recent grant to Direct Relief to provide medical assistance in Mexico City.

“I am fortunate to bring magic moments and smiles to the world through music. Every day I wonder how can I make a difference. Through the Metallica family and AWMH I feel blessed to have the opportunity to give back, bring awareness, and hopefully open minds, hearts, and wallets to important causes.”

-Robert Trujillo

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